Notice Your Cat’s Been Eating Less? 3 Reasons A Vet Visit Should Be Scheduled

Bringing your cat to the veterinarian should be the first thing you do when you notice that your cat has been eating less food. Since most cats love eating food, it can be a major sign that something is wrong when your cat is eating less. If you're concerned that your cat could have a health problem that you were unaware of, it's vital that you schedule a visit to the vet right away so that any problems can be diagnosed and treated.

Potential Dental Issues

A common reason why your cat may be eating less food is simply due to them being in pain while eating. Dental issues can be hard to notice, since there likely won't be a major physical sign, except maybe some redness in their gums or bleeding. Taking a good look at your cat's teeth can help give you an idea of whether they are in some pain due to the condition of their teeth, but a quick trip to the vet can give you a much more thorough idea of whether they are in pain from dental issues. Keeping up with routine dental care on your own by using cat-safe toothpaste and a toothbrush can help you keep their teeth in good shape.

Undiagnosed Pain Could Be the Cause

When your cat is in pain, they will often do a good job of keeping their pain a secret. This is an evolutionary trait to ensure that they aren't going to be attacked due to showing pain. Pain could be from any number of reasons, from your cat falling from a high height to being injured by another animal. Being in pain can lead to your cat eating less food, making it a smart idea to get the pain diagnosed by a vet so you can get your cat eating again.

Advice on a New Diet

In some cases, your cat could be eating less food due to being on a diet that's simply a poor fit for them. If your cat doesn't like their food, they could be eating less food, leading to weight loss and other health problems. With this in mind, it's best to get advice on what will be the best food to feed your cat, based on their age and activity level.

Visiting a vet at an animal hospital like Community Animal Hospital when you notice your cat eating less food can make a big difference in how healthy they are. Getting any problems diagnosed as soon as they begin can ensure that your cat will be eating their normal amount of food again.