3 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Pet While They’re Boarded

If you're going on vacation, a business trip, or some other kind of outing that requires boarding your pets, chances are you know you'll be missing your pets terribly. They'll be missing you, too, which is why it's a good idea to try and stay in touch with your pets while you're away. Doing so can help to comfort you and your pet, so give these three tips a try the next time you're boarding your pet.

Don't Be Afraid to Call

Some pet owners feel embarrassed to be calling a boarding facility to check up on their animals. The reality is that most pet boarders are perfectly happy to fill you in on how your pet is doing.

Calling your boarder as often as once a day isn't abnormal. You should expect to learn how your pet is eating, drinking, and if they're involved in play or exercise. Your boarder can help to put you ease by letting you know that your pet is doing well. You may also be able to offer your expertise if your pet is feeling depressed or lonely for you. Hearing your voice over the phone or simply providing tips to your boarder about what cheers up your pet when they're at home with you can make your pet feel much better.


Many pet boarding facilities are now offering webcams for pet parents to tune into while they're away. These webcams are typically in the play areas, so you may not be able to watch your pet 24/7. However, you can see your pet when they're at their best: eagerly playing and exercising in the playroom with an attendant.

If your pet boarding facility offers a webcam, make sure to get the full details on what you need to do to log in and view it while you're away. In addition, find out what time your pet will be in the playroom each day so you can make sure to tune in wherever you are.

Leave a Recording

Lastly, a good idea for cheering up your pet is to leave behind a voice recording of you for them. Pets often perk up at the sound of their owner, and even a line or two recorded for your pet can help to keep them perky and excited. While your pet will of course be well taken care of at a boarding facility, your voice will let your pet know that they haven't been left there for good and that you still care about them.

Boarding can be tough for pets and their owners alike, simply due to the two missing each other. If you're prepping to board your pet soon, make sure to employ these tips to make it as easy as possible on the two of you.

For more information, tips, and amenities the boarding facility may offer (like webcams), talk with local boarding facilities in your area, like Marquette Animal Hospital.