Taking A Newly Adopted Dog To The Vet For The First Time

Caring for a newly adopted dog is a big responsibility, and part of that responsibility includes taking your dog to the veterinarian's clinic. Here are a few tips you can use to get through this very first medical appointment.

Know What Your Dog Needs

Animal shelters typically have some medical treatments performed on pets under their care. This might include vaccinations, treatments for fleas, or spaying and neutering the animals. Be sure to get a copy of any medical records the shelter has for your pet. Once you have this information, call your local veterinarian clinic to determine when your pet needs to be seen next.

Stay With Your Dog

Your dog may feel anxious about visiting a veterinarian's office or any office that is similar in appearance to a shelter. Your dog may think that you are taking him or her back to the shelter. For these reasons, it's important to stay with your dog throughout the veterinarian's visit. Hand out plenty of cuddles and reassurance, and if the vet allows it, hand over a few dog treats to make your dog feel a bit more comfortable. Let your veterinaraian know that you want to be in the room for all treatments so your dog will have a familiar face at all times.

Use A Pet Carrier

A pet carrier gives your dog a way to feel safe while traveling to the vet's office. If your dog is small enough to fit into a pet carrier, consider this option to help make the experience less stressful. The carrier will help to prevent pet scuffles in the waiting room with other dogs, and it can also provide a cozy place to rest both on the way to the vet's office and in the waiting room. Add a doggy toy and a soft, pet-friendly blanket inside for added comfort.

Schedule A Double Appointment

If you have concerns about your pet that you would like to discuss with your veterinarian, consider booking a double appointment. This will give you plenty of time to talk about any issues you may have, and it will also give you plenty of time to get a nervous dog onto the exam table and scale during the appointment. Be sure to write out a list of questions or concerns so everything you want to discuss gets covered during this first vet appointment.

Your dog is the newest member of your family, and his or her first vet's appointment provides the foundation for a healthy life with you. For more information, contact establishments like Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic.