Properly Caring For Your Cat’s Teeth

Your cat is unable to clean its teeth on its own so it needs you to provide dental care. Here are steps to take to keep your cat's teeth in the best possible condition.

Make Sure To See A Veterinarian Regularly

During your cat's routine yearly examinations, its veterinarian will take a look at its teeth and gums to ensure there are no problems that require addressing. Your cat's veterinarian will scale tartar off the surfaces of its teeth with a dental instrument. This does not hurt and will help to keep cavities from forming. If dental issues are found, treatment will be administered as needed.

Clean Your Cat's Teeth With A Special Toothpaste

Head to a pet supply store to purchase toothpaste and a brush made especially for cats or dogs. The toothpaste is usually meat-flavored and many cats enjoy the flavor. Place a small amount of paste on the brush, pull back your cat's upper lip, and rub the paste on a tooth. Your pet may not enjoy this procedure at first, so start off slow. If your cat tries to lick the paste from the brush, attempt to brush a few more teeth. If your cat shies away from the procedure, try it again after their next meal. In time, your cat will warm up to the process, especially if it likes the flavor of the paste you purchased.

Provide Your Cat With Tartar Control Treats

Purchase tartar control treats for your cat to eat between meals. These are available to purchase from grocery stores or pet supply shops. The tartar that had adhered to your cat's teeth will be removed, helping to reduce the potential of cavities.

Be On The Lookout For Dental Problems

It is important that you monitor your pet's behavior to determine whether they are suffering from an ailment that requires treatment. This includes your cat's oral hygiene. Make it a priority to look over your cat's teeth regularly for signs of problems such as broken teeth, bleeding in the mouth, or gum inflammation. As soon as a potential problem is noticed, give a call to your cat's veterinarian to set up an appointment for an evaluation. If your cat seems to be suffering from pain, make sure to alert the veterinarian so they can fast-track the appointment as an emergency service.

For more information about pet dental care, contact a local hospital like Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital.