Arthritis In Dogs: Common Symptoms And Treatment Options

According to Dog Quality, approximately 16 to 20 million dogs in North America are suffering from arthritis. If your once spry and active dog is beginning to slow down, or worse, acts as though they are in pain, they might be suffering from the very common stiffness and achy joints associated with arthritis. Here are a few of the most common signs and symptoms of arthritis in dogs, and what you can do as a caring pet owner to help your beloved canine find relief: Read More 

3 Things To Do Before Taking Your Dog To A Vet For Puking Out Worms

When you first notice it, it's scary. Worms wriggling in your dog's vomit can easily give you the chills and is also a worrisome indication that your dog is struggling with an infection. Even if your dog hasn't been exhibiting any unusual symptoms, the worms that have infected their body may slowly but surely be infiltrating their organs or even releasing toxins that are harmful to their body. Here are 3 things you should do before taking your dog to the vet. Read More 

Claw Health Trimming Tips For Cats

Cat scratching can be an annoying habit. It can lead to damaged furniture, carpet, and even walls. Yet, declawing isn't necessarily the answer, as it is both painful to the cat and can lead to health problems. Learning how to take care of your cat's claws properly can help you avoid this procedure.  Get a trim Regular trimming is the simplest way to manage claw issues. All you need is a pair of claw clippers and some basic knowledge. Read More 

For First-Time Parrot Owners: 7 Signs Your Pet Needs An Emergency Vet Clinic

If you are a first-time parrot owner, you may be unfamiliar with the signs and symptoms of a true avian emergency. It's important to recognize these signs, because parrots are instinctively known to "hide" their symptoms, as a weak bird is vulnerable to animals of prey. Besides the obvious, such as not eating and drinking, bleeding or blunt force trauma, note these 7 signs that indicate an avian emergency: 1. Inability to Perch Read More 

4 Pet Emergencies Where You Need To Go To An Emergency Pet Hospital

When it comes to pet emergencies, sometimes people are confused about what constitutes an emergency. For example, some people see an issue where their dog slipped on some stairs at 11 PM and now they are walking with a limp. Without access to their normal vet, they often wonder if they should take their beloved pet to an animal emergency hospital or if they are overreacting. This article will serve to ease your worries about such needs. Read More