Having Fleas Isn’t A Circus - How To Stop And Prevent Fleas

Nasty, disgusting, dirty, irritating or just about any other word meaning undesirable is probably a good adjective to put in front of the word flea. Pets hate them because when they bite it really itches and pet owners hate them because if they get in the house they are very difficult to get rid of. The key to not having to get rid of them is to proactively control them before they have a chance to infest a home. Read More 

Canine Dental Diseases: What You Need To Know As A Pet Parent

Those pearly whites your dog barely shows may be tucked away behind those furry lips, but just like you, your pooch can have dental problems that require occasional veterinarian attention. Periodontal disease, or disease of the soft tissue of the mouth, is a common canine problem–especially for older dogs. Unfortunately, many pet parents fail to realize what the problem is or even that their dog is suffering or in pain because of periodontal disease. Read More 

Notice Your Cat’s Been Eating Less? 3 Reasons A Vet Visit Should Be Scheduled

Bringing your cat to the veterinarian should be the first thing you do when you notice that your cat has been eating less food. Since most cats love eating food, it can be a major sign that something is wrong when your cat is eating less. If you're concerned that your cat could have a health problem that you were unaware of, it's vital that you schedule a visit to the vet right away so that any problems can be diagnosed and treated. Read More 

A Quick Look At 3 Things You Should Know Before Bringing A Rex Rabbit Home

With thick and velvety fur, a gentle temperament, and a reputation for being some of the most intelligent rabbit breeds, the rex rabbit is an obvious choice for prospective rabbit owners. However, just as it is with any other pet, every rabbit breed has a few special things that should be considered before you decide to make it your pet and rex rabbits are no different. Before you  scoop up that loving bundle of fur with a cotton tail at the pet store, take a look at these three things you should know about the rex rabbit breed. Read More 

3 Tips For Caring For A New Puppy

Bringing a puppy home is new and exciting; however, it is a lot of work as well. This puppy has likely been with its mom and all of his or her other siblings up until this point, so being alone will likely be quite the adjustment. Thankfully, there are certain things that you can do to make this transition easier on both of you. This will ensure a happy puppy and a happy owner. Read More