How To Select The Right Food For Your Dog

If you're like most people then your dog is a priority. Selecting the right food for your dog is probably important to you. If you are a new dog owner you may not be sure exactly how to go about selecting food for your pet. Here are some general tips that will help you make the right choices.  Serving Size vs Packaging A common mistake that many pet owners make is to buy the biggest dog food and think that they are getting the best deal. Read More 

Properly Caring For Your Cat’s Teeth

Your cat is unable to clean its teeth on its own so it needs you to provide dental care. Here are steps to take to keep your cat's teeth in the best possible condition. Make Sure To See A Veterinarian Regularly During your cat's routine yearly examinations, its veterinarian will take a look at its teeth and gums to ensure there are no problems that require addressing. Your cat's veterinarian will scale tartar off the surfaces of its teeth with a dental instrument. Read More