Three Steps To Follow For Your Cat’s First Anti-Flea Treatment

Treating your cat regularly with anti-flea treatments can keep the blood-sucking pests at bay. However, if it's your cat's first anti-flea treatment, there are a few extra steps you should consider following. While simply applying the medication will help to reduce the amount of fleas your cat is subjected to, consider applying these steps for higher efficacy and to ensure the well-being of your cat. Monitor Most cats can be given anti-flea treatments in the form of topical applications, flea collars, or oral medications with no problem. Read More 

Taking A Newly Adopted Dog To The Vet For The First Time

Caring for a newly adopted dog is a big responsibility, and part of that responsibility includes taking your dog to the veterinarian's clinic. Here are a few tips you can use to get through this very first medical appointment. Know What Your Dog Needs Animal shelters typically have some medical treatments performed on pets under their care. This might include vaccinations, treatments for fleas, or spaying and neutering the animals. Be sure to get a copy of any medical records the shelter has for your pet. Read More 

Nervous And Excitable Pets? Ways To Calm Them Before Taking Them To The Pet Hospital

Not all pets enjoy a ride in a car. Not all pets are relaxed and happy to see the veterinarian. In fact, many pets freak out when you try to load them into a car and go to the vet. If your pet needs some surgery, and the surgery is not for an emergency situation, here are some ways you can prepare your nervous and excitable pet before the day of the surgery: Read More 

3 Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Pet While They’re Boarded

If you're going on vacation, a business trip, or some other kind of outing that requires boarding your pets, chances are you know you'll be missing your pets terribly. They'll be missing you, too, which is why it's a good idea to try and stay in touch with your pets while you're away. Doing so can help to comfort you and your pet, so give these three tips a try the next time you're boarding your pet. Read More 

A Dog’s Medical Emergency

When you are a dog owner you are not only bringing in a dog as a pet; you are bringing in the dog as a family member. You most likely take very good care of your dog, and are up to date with all its shots. You probably even have a diet plan that you are following to optimize your dog's health. This is all very important for your dog, but you also need to be aware of common dog health emergencies. Read More